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Overview & Review of the Rogue olympic weightlifting barbells

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Feb 3, 2019 9:30:00 AM

Overview and review of the Rogue Olympic weightlifting barbells

This overview of the Rogue Olympic barbells was originally published in my comprehensive guide on which Rogue barbell to buy. If you are currently considering to buy a Rogue barbell it is worth a read to get input on the latest models. I update the guide on a yearly basis depending on Rogue's new releases. 

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Price: 495$

Overview of the Rogue Oly barbells

The rogue Olympic barbell weighs 20kg, has a diameter of 28mm and a tensile strength of 215K PSI. There are five different versions of this bar which come with different price tags:
The bright zinc has the lowest price tag at 495$ while the stainless steel comes in at 595$. The cerakote and EU Steel version retail at 545$, while the women's version comes in at 495$. Apart from the women's bar all of these come with 16.25 loadable sleeve length and chrome sleeve coating. All of these bars work with bearing for better spin. As with the Pyrros bar, they are approved by the IWF.
The EU steel bar is made of EU steel in the USA. There are some in the industry which claim that American steel does not behave the same as EU steel and therefore weightlifting bars made from EU steel are better. If you are inclined to believe this and still want a rogue barbell this is the option for you.
The cerakote bar is a slightly prettier and durable version of the bright zinc Oly bar which also comes in at a slightly higher cost. Rogue made a big push in 2018 for their new cerakote finish of the bar which lasts longer than bright zinc and leaves more freedom for designs.
The stainless version retails at the same price as the Pyrros bar. In my opinion, you might as well get the champions name on it for the same price unless you have something against greeks. 
The bright zinc version would be the best for a reputable gym with athletes that have aspirations to compete at national and international level. It saves 100$ per barbell compared to other options while still being professional. If you want to provide the best bar for weightlifting purposes for less ambitioned clientele there is also the training for 295$

Pros of the Rogue Oly bars

This is a workhorse barbell for the professional. If you want to train the future masters of the universe this is the way to go. The bright zinc finish saves you 100$ per barbell compared to the stainless options and the Pyrros while not comprising on the bearing or whip. 

Cons of the Rogue Oly bars

The price is still high for general use cases with many members. Especially in a CrossFit box where people still learn the technique, drop the barbells against walls or bang off other equipment, this might be over the top. If you still want a barbell with a great whip to mainly focus on Oly lifts the training bar might be a better option. It won't make your heart sink as much when a 295$ bar gets abused.


Rogue Oly bars might be a bit pricey compared to their Rogue Ohio bar brothers and sisters. It always depends on perspective. If you want to have the feel of championship weightlifting the fairer comparison would be the Eleiko bars. Compared to the Eleiko range the rogue bars have a very reasonable price. 


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