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Do you run the Dublin Race series 2015 ?

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Apr 7, 2015 2:41:00 AM


Run the Dublin Race series 2015

I am in my third year for the Dublin race series now and I really do enjoy it. I started in 2013 and did the whole series including the Dublin marathon with a finishing time of 3:58. This year I have prepared for the Vienna marathon on 12th of April to build a base and then hopefully run the elusive sub 3 marathon in October this year. Fingers crossed.

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How to run the vienna marathon

Dublin Race series

The Dublin race series consists of 4 races in the build up to the Dublin marathon. Most of them take place on Phoenix Park except the Fingal 10K which, as the name suggests is held in Fingal. All the races are well organised and drinks are along the race courses. The goodie bags are well filled and i still have all of the shirts. 2014 might not have been the best year regarding the design of the shirts, but in the end who cares. I wore my Dublin half marathon 2013 shirt at the Frankfurt marathon. Let's see what I'll come up with for vienna.

Irish runner 5 mile on 27th of June

The Irish runner 5 mile will take place on the 27th of June 2015 in Phoenix Park. My current best is 32:52 on this course. So we will see if I am able to up my best this year with the foundation of the early start with the vienna marathon. The last time I did the 5 mile I rescued a cat on the same weekend. Let's see what this year has in store.

Fingal 10K Run on 19th of July 2015

Currently the run I am most proud of and the first race I ever participated in. On 21st of July 2013 my "racing career" began after my partner told me I had become too fat. I ran the distance in a bit over 50 minutes. The following year I managed to get under the 40 minute mark for the 10K. I was flying and that was the best pace of my running career so far. 

Frank Duffy 10 mile August 22nd 2015

The Frank Duffy ten mile is also in Phoanix Park. I find it to be a hard race, as there is a hilly bit before the finish. Currently my best ten miler is at 1:09, run on this course. Maybe you want to join me this year and we can push each other to a new best. Just leave a comment below to let me know.

Dublin half marathon 19th of September

This will be the last race before the Dublin marathon 2015. Currently my best stands at 1:30 which i ran together with a senior last year. Really impressive what some of these middle aged men and above produce time wise on these courses. Stoked for this season! Hopefully I can shave off some minutes and add to the table below.


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