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How to cool garage gym [Article, Video]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Mar 7, 2020 9:00:00 AM


How to cool garage gym

This is an article to show options on how to cool your garage gym. You can dive deeper into specific topics in the related articles section.
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The most obvious choice is a ventilator or fan. Here it depends on the size of your garage gym what will work best for your individual needs. The choice to make here is whether you want something portable or permanently installed. The permanent solutions are ceiling fans. The portable solutions are fans on rolls or the usual small fan which you can find in a regular office. 
If you live in a hot area like Florida or California you might want to invest in something substantial to keep your garage gym cool during the summer. I have seen people try to ventilate the space with commercial fans, which usually leads to more frustration than results. 
Here are some examples of fans you might want to look at:

Garage doors 

Another way to keep the garage cool is to keep the doors shut. This depends on how many windows you have in the garage, but generally, there will be little light coming in. This way you are at least in the shadows and also do not get the dry or moist air into the garage from the outside. The downside is that this can make the room feel cramped, especially of the lighting arrangement is poor. If you want to improve lighting, here is an idea:

Air conditioning 

Air conditioning can be another way of keeping the garage gym cool. Keep in mind that air conditioning often needs to be installed near a window and will take up some extra space and energy in your garage gym. Usually, air conditioning works best when you keep the garage doors closed. 


Keeping your garage gym cool depends on the size and the climate you are in. The bigger the gym and the hotter the climate, the bigger the fan you will need. The fans you get from the local store are usually not enough if your workout is hard. You will need multiple fans and create an electrical and trip nightmare. 

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