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TITAN adjustable kettlebell vs Powerblock Elite dumbbells

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jan 14, 2021 9:00:00 AM

TITAN adjustable kettlebell vs Powerblock Elite dumbbells

This is a comparison of the TITAN adjustable kettlebell and Powerblock Elite dumbbells including pros, cons, and alternatives. This article was originally published under which titan kettlebell to get. Follow the links for more details.

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Overview and review Power block classic elite series 

The Power Block classic series has a stacked design to save maximum space at home. You will invest around $299 to get one to your home. This article has been originally posted in "which dumbbell to get from Rogue".

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Most popular Rogue dumbbell in 2020

This is an overview of the most popular Rogue dumbbells on based on views and click through rates to Rogue Fitness for purchases. If you want to dig deeper on the data you will find explanations under what were the most popular Rogue products in 2020.


Most popular Rogue dumbbell in 2020

The most popular Rogue dumbbells on in 2020 were:
The Rogue loadable dumbbell is a good option to save space in a home gym. It avoids that you have to have an entire rack of dumbbells for various weight iterations. This is not particularly great in a commercial gym scenario as you want multiple people to be able to train at the same time. You can read the full review of the Rogue loadable dumbbell via this link.
The Rogue Urethane dumbbells are the rolls Royce among the Rogue dumbbells. Urethane is supposed to last longer than rubber. My main positive about the Urethane dumbbells compared to the rubber hex dumbbells is that they are round. That makes them easier to handle and store. In a commercial setting, you need to consider that the Urethane dumbbells come in at a higher price tag which hits heavier when you buy in bulk. You can read the full review of the Rogue Urethane dumbbells by following this link.
The Thompson fatbell is a hybrid between a Kettlebell and a dumbbell and a nice extra to any gym which already has all of the bases covered. There might be better ways to spend your money to develop strength like grip strength tools. Still, they are fun. You can read the full review for the Thompson fatbells via this link.

Overview of the Powerblock

The Powerblock dumbbells are a classic design to save space and cost. The design is nested. Think of it like the russian dolls in dolls. The handle fits in each higher weight set and there it gets bigger and bigger. The good thing about this is that you only have two sets of handles. The power block sets are available from 5lb to 90lb. Some of the features include:
  • Black Powder Coat painted steel weight plates in classic square shape
  • Snap on color band applied to rails on one side of each block.
  • Handle has padded wrist supports
  • Straight Center Handle (hand grip)
  • Welded construction (non flexing)
  • Limited 10 year home use warranty. Home use products are warranted only for home use and warranty is void if used commercially.
This is a good alternative for people who do not want to pay too much and want their home dumbbells to be as compact as possible.

Pros of the powerblock

The power block design is hard to beat on space savings. Even the rogue loadable dumbbell needs more space as you need the special plates to make it work. In terms of price the power block also is not too bad.

Cons of the powerblock

The mechanics of the power block can become annoying when changing weights and are prone to break. In the higher weight ranges, the dumbbell can also get very cumbersome based on its rectangular design.

Alternatives to the powerblock

The Rogue loadable dumbbell is basically a shortened barbell that can be loaded with weights. Rogue also offers smaller weights to go with the loadable dumbbell. This is a great option when you want to be able to have a load of different weights on one dumbbell without eating too much space. Ideal for home gyms. For a commercial gym, it might be better to stick with a rack of dumbbells as they are more convenient to use and cover more clients at the same cost. 
The rubber hex dumbbell is pound for pins the cheapest dumbbell with a rogue logo on it. They are also sold in pairs. If you like the hex design for your commercial gym I think this is the one to go for in bulk.
Kettlebells are always a good alternative to dumbbells. You can do almost all dumbbell movements with kettlebells while kettlebells also offer the Turkish getup and kettlebell swing as great conditioning exercises. The only negative with kettlebells is that I haven’t seen a great loadable Design for them yet to save space. If I was in the market for a big set I dumbbells I would get a wall of kettlebells instead. Especially if you have very heavy kettlebells it will set you apart from other gyms. It all depends on the clients you want to target as bodybuilders usually prefer dumbbells

Summary for the Powerblock

Great for the occasional, recreational lifter to have a full set of dumbbells at home.

Overview and review of the TITAN adjustable kettlebell

This is an overview of the TITAN adjustable kettlebell including pros, cons, and alternatives. This article was originally published under which titan kettlebell to get. Follow the links for more details.


Titan Adjustable Kettlebell $80 / $120

TITAN has two different adjustable plastic kettlebells in their portfolio. The blue one ranges from 5-20lbs while the red alternative operates in the 10lb-40lb range. These are plastic options that work with a click system to keep the cast iron weight plates in space. You can adjust the weight by taking some of the discs out. The full specs of the two options are:
10-40 version
- Drop cast iron plates
- Flat base for easy storage
- Extra wide handle for easy grip
- Mechanism to easily adjust weights
- Six adjustable weight levels
- Perfect for beginners and advanced athletes alike
- Handle Diameter: 1.5-in.
- Finish: Powder-Coated Silver
- Material: Cast Iron
- Adjustable Weight: 10 lb. up to 40 lb.
- Total Weight: 40 lb.
5-20 version
- Drop cast iron plates
- Flat base for easy storage
- Extra-wide handle for easy grip
- Mechanism to easily adjust weights
- Six adjustable weight levels
- Perfect for beginners and advanced athletes alike
- Handle Diameter: 1.5-in.
- Finish: Powder-Coated Silver
- Material: Cast Iron
- Adjustable Weight: 5 lb. up to 20 lb.
- Total Weight: 20 lb.
This is a product that will probably look more appealing to females users as the colors are pretty, the handle is easier on the hands than other kettlebell options and you will not use a wrench for adjustments. This comes at the cost of a fiddly setup and many options to break these kettlebells.

Pros of the Titan Adjustable Kettlebell

The pros of the TITAN adjustable kettlebell are:
  • Click and go adjustments
  • Design
  • Price
The biggest advantage of this adjustable kettlebell is that the weight system is self-sufficient. You do not need any extra tools to adjust the weight and can click and go during your workouts. This makes it a lot easier to adjust the weight in the middle of a circuit workout. If you like Tabata and following kettlebell YouTube videos this is for you. Especially if you only want one kettlebell in your house.
The design is a bit more poppy and colorful than with other kettlebell products. I can see how this design might be more appealing to women as it is not cold steel. Steel kettlebell can be rough on the skin which not everybody will like.
For an adjustable kettlebell, these two versions are cheaper than the TItan adjustable competition kettlebell. If you want the most amount of kettlebell variations for the smallest price, this is the one to go for.

Cons of the Titan Adjustable Kettlebell

  • Plastic locking system
  • Loss of integrity of the weight
  • Handle does not hold chalk well
  • Prone to get wrecked
Whenever I see plastic on weight training equipment it rubs me up the wrong way. Plastic can warp, melt, and overall is just being used because it is cheap and easy to mold. It is easier on your hands, but that is about the only advantage I see. Especially as the main selling point of this product, the weight adjustment system, is made of the cheapest material on the entire product.
You will also not be able to do anything but swings with this kettlebell, as soon as you start adjusting the weights. A big part of the effectiveness and efficiency of kettlebell training is based on the spherical shape of the kettlebell. By removing the plates from this kettlebell it becomes asymmetrical and the weight behaves unpredictably. For Turkish get-ups and presses, you can not load the kettlebell on your underarm without making it really uncomfortable. This is only useable for swings, pulls, and easy presses. As soon as you are getting into kettlebell complexes and remove a plate this kettlebell becomes very cumbersome to use.
As the handle is made of composite rather than cast iron it does not hold chalk well. If you are looking at this kettlebell this might not be that relevant to you, as this is more interesting to very heavy kettlebells.
If you drop this kettlebell, it is very likely to lose its purpose. The handle can easily warp, especially if you lose weight in a strenuous workout. To some, this might be an advantage as it is less likely to leave a dent in the floor or wall, but for me, it makes it unusable for thorough kettlebell training.

Alternatives to the Titan adjustable Kettlebell

Alternatives to the TITAN adjustable kettlebell are:
If you really want an adjustable kettlebell and you are looking at the 10-40lb version you might as well go for the competition adjustable kettlebell instead. This kettlebell keeps its integrity, won't break as easily on a drop, and can be used for kettlebell complexes. It costs only $60 more and is overall the better adjustable option. The only downside is that the adjustments have to be made with a wrench and are therefore not as fast as with the click system.
The TITAN cast iron kettlebell would be my preferred option for more than $100. You only need 3-6 kettlebells for most kettlebell workouts depending on your strength levels. You can get this for $100 and the space requirements are not that much more than for one adjustable are also almost unbreakable. The only downsides are that they do not look pretty and are rough on your skin.
The Rogue kettlebell 2.0 is a cast iron kettlebell that is fully produced in the United States of America. If you want to support local businesses this is an option for you. They are not the cheapest per pound, but they make you feel better when you buy them.
If you want to trick the Rogue competition kettlebell is also an option. They have a special indentation to be easier on the lower arm when tricking or going through kettlebell complexes. There is no adjustable version of the Rogue competition kettlebell so you will get different denominations.

Conclusion for the Titan adjustable Kettlebell

If you want to get into kettlebell training as cheap as possible with the most options go for the 5-20lbs adjustable kettlebell from TITAN. Just whatever you do, do not drop it or throw it into a wall. Kettlebell juggling is therefore not an option with this one. If you are looking into the 10-40lb adjustable kettlebell I would swap for the adjustable competition kettlebell. IT gives you more weight options, can be used for more exercises, and is less likely to break. I still think that adjustable kettlebells are silly and would always recommend getting multiple cast iron for the same budget over the adjustable versions. But that is just me and my hate for fiddling around with things when I train.

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