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Crossfit equipment: Jump rope

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jan 2, 2015 9:36:00 AM

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Crossfit Equipment: 5 tips for Jump ropes

I have been through three jump ropes now with some disheartening experiences. To spare you those here are my thoughts on jump ropes and their use.


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#1 Make it the right length for you


No matter which one you get make sure that it can be adjusted in length to fit your need. For the right length the ends of the handles should just be minimally under your armpits whilst standing with one foot in the jump rope. Adjust it or trim it to that length and you are ready to go. There also should be some solution for the leftover bits as you do not want them to be in your way whilst skipping. Get rid of them somehow.


#2 Store it inside


My first jumping rope with the rotating bits inside i stored outside in winter with the result of them breaking on me a week after purchase. Keep them inside as frost will make them more likely to break.


#3 Have the rotating bits inside the handle


I've tried outside and inside and if your goal is to get fit and amp up the rotating speed you want the moving parts of your jump rope inside. 


#4 Get steel, not plastic or leather


Steel comes at a price but has the advantange of being less sensitive to dampness, hitting of the floor and rotates quicker and more even as it is heavier. I found it to be superior over plastic and leather jump ropes.


#5  If you can not do double unders perfect single unders unbroken

This is the stage I am currently at. I started trying to do double unders with the result of not getting the cardio training I need out of the sessions and being frustrated in the progress. In the end the jump rope is a tool do improve your agility and coordination. If that is your goal you will achieve it quicker by perfecting single unders first and moving on to double unders once you are comfortable with timing.


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