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Garage gym vs gym membership

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jan 29, 2020 9:00:00 AM


Garage gym vs gym membership

This is a quick comparison between a gym membership and a garage gym. The more often you use a gym and the further away it is from your home, the more a garage gym will make commercial sense.
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Garage gym 

A garage gym can take a room in your house which is rarely used and turn into something functional. This is of course only true if you mainly park on the street or in the driveway. Check what you currently store in your garage and whether you can free up space. With this, you can start an exciting little problem to make the entire family more healthy. You may even generate some extra income from this. 
Check the garage for existing infrastructure and whether it is designed for one or two cars. Make decisions about whether you want to store equipment in the walls or not. Also, make a list of all the exercises you are currently doing and what equipment you will need to do them. 

Pros of garage gym 

It is right at your home and you pay no membership fees. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want. No other people getting in your way, your own opening hours and your own equipment. You might even have your favorite beer in the fridge. 

Cons of garage gym 

You will have to give up the storage and parking spot. The cost of the conversion also might not outweigh gym membership costs. There will be no trainers and other people to motivate you. If you enjoy the community aspect a garage gym might not be for you unless you share it with neighbors. 

Gym membership 

If you live in an urban area the next commercial gym won’t be far. Commercial gyms bank on that you sign up for a year and not make too much use of the subscription. Just enough that you will renew. Commercial gyms are full of machines and equipment as they provide for many members. Depending on when you get in it can be packed or you have the entire floor to yourself. 
Some commercial gyms offer classes and personal instruction. Most of them are more laid out for weight loss and aesthetics than strength training and Olympic lifting. 

Pros of a gym membership 

As long as you make use of the facilities regularly and it is close by it is quite cheap. You benefit from all the members who don’t use the service regularly. You will also have access to more material and will have more opportunities to try different ways of training. 
The environment can also be more motivating as training sessions and other members can create peer pressure. This is a good thing if you are generally not that disciplined. 

Cons of a gym membership 

The cons of a commercial gym are that you have to share resources with others and get there somehow. It is not within your own home and you can not do whatever you want. 


A garage gym makes a lot of sense if you are living far out and the next gym is very hard to reach. Another scenario is that you can not stand people and just want to do your own thing without being bound to someone else's rules.

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