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How to lose weight like a boss

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Sep 9, 2015 1:35:00 PM


How to lose weight like a boss

How to lose weight like a boss

There are many schemes, diets, training plans and all other kind of stuff out there which are complex, hard to follow, expensive or simply stupid (apples are bad for you WTF?!). If you want to lose 15kg in half a year like I did, follow these no nonsense tips which have worked for me. No jojo effect, simple to implement, no extra money needed, you're welcome. Ok admittedly what you need is time and commitment, but probably you already showed that to the wrong things to get yourself where you are now and you searched for content like this post to change, so again, you're welcome.

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1. Start drinking water instead of alcohol

Whatever it is you are currently drinking, be it Guiness, Wodka, Wine, Martinis, but especially if it is beer or some kind of sweet liquor, STOP. Swap these drinks for water as alcohol keeps in water and beer just simply helps you to get a belly. If you drink this stuff by the crate you might have a bigger problem than losing weight. Swap the alcohol for water and also increase your water intake in general. It is simple and swapping a bad for a good habit. Believe me, your friends will appreciate after a few weeks.

2. Start eating junk food only on weekends

The burger from around the corner, the fries, the milk shakes, the unhealthy option in the canteen etc. Swap those on weekdays for something healthy. If you work for a large corporation like I did for a while you have the possibility to get the healthy rather than the unhealthy option in the lunch queue. I was not able to cut it completeley and had my burger on the weekend. Still, less junk food is better and it was not a huge change to my diet.

3. Run a marathon

I pulled up one half a year marathon plan from Hal Higdon in 2013 and ran the Dublin marathon. The changes in my diet and the training plan made me lose 15 kilograms in these 6 months after I had been lazy for almost 8 years. It was amazing to see how I got in shape. The money i saved from alcohol easily compensated the registration for the marathon and the new pair of runners I got.

There is a ton of free running plans and apps out there. If you have access to the internet, you can prepare for a marathon like a pro. 


To lose weight you do not need to count calories, rub yourself with the skin of dead galappogos turtles, meditate until you meet buddha or hit yourself in the head with a barbell until you bleed. All you need is a pair of shoes, a marathon training plan, time, a good jacket for rainy days, dedication and staying away from crap. It is not hard and you can start today. I hated running when I started. It still is not my most favourite thing to do, but it just works. 

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