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My first crossfit Angie

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Mar 7, 2015 10:56:18 AM


My first crossfit Angie

More space and less people in my new gym means time to try something NEW. As I focused on body weight in February doing a lot of 100's of Abmat sit ups, Air squats and push ups, I thought it would be time to try crossfit WOD "Angie". I did it in 28:04.

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What is Angie ? Multiple 100 reps of body weight exercises

Angie is one of the six "girls". The ladies are some of the most established workouts in the area of Crossfit and have been around for quite a while. If you check out my goal list you will see that I have benchmarks for these workouts which I would like to reach by the end of the year ( not all, but at least some of those). 

Angie itself consists of 

100 Pull ups

100 push ups

100 Abmat sit ups

100 Air squats

Your score is the total time elapsed from end to finish. You have to finish the complete set before being allowed to move on to the next. You can break up the 100 reps in smaller chunks if needed. 

How does Angie feel ? Sore 

As I could not do pulls ups in February and as they are the hardest part of Angie, they were the limiting factor of this workout. I also did it after my Stronglifts 5x5, which did not necessarily help my performance. I finished in 28:04, with roughly 20 minutes being spent on the pull ups. I am still doing strict pull ups, as I have not acquired the skill of kipping or even butterfly pull ups yet. That is something to work on during this year.  

Who should do Angie ?

Depends on how much you want to scale it down

If you can not do pull ups yet, this workout might not be for you in its original form. If you want to create something similar which you can do anywhere and also does not inlcude pull ups, i would recommend swapping the pull ups for double unders or single unders depending on your skill level. The AbMat sit ups can be scaled to crunches and for the push ups you can leave your knees on the ground. With all of these modifications you still have a challenging workout until yu make it to the pull up.


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