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My first recorded crossfit Annie

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jun 14, 2015 4:30:50 AM


My first recorded crossfit Annie

Annie is a great workout to challenge your stamina and work your core. Especially as a warm up it helps, once you have mastred the Double under. I am still after getting my performance under 10 minutes for this workout and I got pretty close lately by finishing in 11:21.

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What is Annie ?

Any is a crossfit workout of the day (WOD) which is categorised as being a bodyweight workout. Bodyweight workouts are those ones where you are notlifting any weights and just use your own body as resistance. You will perform 50-40-30-20-10 repetitions alternating of Double under and Abmat situps.

How much time does Annie take ?

This highly depends on your current fitness level, but will most likely be somewhere between 10 - 20 minutes. The mastery of the double under as a skill is the key and bottleneck to this workout. If oyu look at the beyond the whiteboard scores you have to get this done 8 - 9 minute range to be in the midfield. What this tells you is that I basically suck at doubleunders. 

What are the benefits of Annie ?

I personally think it is a very easy workout to do once you can do double unders while still being challenging. The Abmat situps also help. It soes not need a lot of equipment and can be done anywhere where there is anywhere, where you have enough room to rope skip. Long term anddone more frequently yu will work on losing weight and toning your core. So this is one workout that will get you closer to your goal of being ripped, also diet plays a greater role to achieve this than actual performance in the gym (even if you are puny, if you drop your bodyfat percentage in the one digit range, you most likely will be able to see your abs). 

Which exercises can I do to improve my Annie performance ?

The two supplement exercises I like to do to improve my Annie performance are 100 Double unders for time and 100 Abmat Situps for time. These have the adavantage that you do not have to change by dropping the skip rope and putting emphasis on just ploughing through the reps. Done frequently, it will help your coordination overall. I think Annie and these 100 repetition complexes are great additions to your routine as warm ups for heavy lifting. This is how I use them currently.

Here is my current best. Post your one in the responses below to show me how much I suck ;).

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