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Overview and review of the Rogue Alpha Crossfit package

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Sep 13, 2019 9:30:00 AM

Alpha Crossfit package

Overview and review Alpha Crossfit package

The Alpha Crossfit package gives you 9 different items at a price of $1450 to cover your Crossfit needs. Learn more in this overview and find out about alternatives if you don't have the budget or need for such a big pack. This overview has originally been published in "Which Rogue equipment pack to get for an individual".

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Overview of the Alpha Crossfit package

The Alpha Crossfit package is one notch down from the Warrior package. The shortened item list is: 
With this, you get a strong set of tools to form you as a Crossfitter. The only drawback is that you get no rower to save yourself some money. 

Items of the Alpha Crossfit package



The alpha package includes the following bumper plates 
  • (2) 10LB
  • (2) 25LB
  • (2) 35LB
  • (4) 45LB
Bumper plates are great to be used outside or indoors. You can drop them from overhead and they are unlikely to chip. If you get your fingers between two bumper plates it is more forgiving than steel plates. They are relatively cheap and real workhorses. The only two disadvantages are their precision and size. Rogue allows for more variance in these plates as with the competition and calibrated plates to keep production cost down. This means that it is more likely that bumper plates do not exactly weight what it says on the plate. As rubber is not as dense as the metal you will take up more space on the barbell to get the same weight on. If you regularly work with more than 500 pounds you might want to look into calibrated steel plates or Olympic plates. 


The Rogue Ohio bar builds the backbone of the Rogue barbell portfolio. It was one of the first barbell models to be manufactured in Columbus Ohio. With 190,000 PSI and dual marks, you get a solid barbell for all situations. If you want to upgrade look into the Pyrros bar if you are into weightlifting and the Thor bar if you are into powerlifting. 


This package delivers four Kettlebells to your doorstep to cover your conditioning needs. You will get the following: 
  • (2) 35LB / 1 pood bells
  • (2) 53LB / 1.5 pood bells
These Kettlebells are made of cast iron and are color-coded for easy identification of the weight. If you mostly use them for kettlebell swings you will do well with them. If you mostly do Turkish get-ups, snatches and cleans you might want to look into the rubber-coated Kettlebells or competition Kettlebells. These will leave fewer scratch marks on your arms. 


The Rogue HG collars are one step up from the spring collars you find in almost any gym across the country. They will keep your plates on the barbell on overhead lifts or very heavy deadlifts while not scratching up the barbell.


These Rogue wood rings are American made and cover most of your needs for gymnastics. You will have a firm grip, even without using chalk. These rings come with the necessary straps to hook them up to a rack or anchor in the ceiling. If you want fo do muscle-ups make sure that you hang them from the ceiling or an equivalent height.


The Rogue medicine ball comes with 14” diameter and you can select one weight of your choice with this package from 4-20LB. You can use medicine balls for conditioning, slams and wall throws. Just looking up what boxers do with medicine balls. If you want to save some money there is also the rubber version of these balls from Rogue. 


This is a climbing rope that can easily be anchored. If you have high ceilings, use it for climbs. If you don’t, you can use it for pulls, rope slams and conditioning work.


The Rogue SR 3 speed rope is the go-to rope for double unders in the CrossFit community. It is a versatile tool for all purposes. Since the SR 3 has been released Rogue has worked on many options in color and handle design to perfect rope jumping with speed. 


The Abmat takes your sit-ups to the next level. Just watch out as they are prone to chafing. If you want to go easy on your bottom get the newer version for more protection.

Pros of the Alpha Crossfit package

The Alpha cuts it to the essentials to train at home for CrossFit. You will have the core to simulate most WODs at home. All of the items you will get are of high quality and will last you a long time. 

Cons of the Alpha Crossfit package

This package has no rack, rip or jump boxes. I am actually quite surprised that a pylo box has not been added to the pack. But this may be because Rogue assumes you won’t have space at home. 

Alternatives to the Alpha Crossfit Package

The warrior package will give you more items to vary your training more and a rower for your conditioning. If you want to play on the top leagues this is the package for you.
If you only want to get a barbell and the bumpers to go with it the warrior bar and bumper package might be the better choice for you.

Summary of the Alpha Crossfit package

The alpha Crossfit package is what I would choose if I did not have space or money for a rower. This is a great starter set to expand on. Just make sure you have a pull-up station and rack. The Rogue RM4 might be an option. 

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