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5 tips to immediately boost your squat [Article]

Posted by Evelyn Kail

Feb 26, 2017 6:19:00 AM

5 tips to boost your squat

5 tips to immediately boost your squat

Getting in shape is not all about losing weight. Developing and toning muscles to increase body strength is also a major motivator that will help you to quite literally hit the ground running. Squats are crucial exercises for the leg muscles that help promote overall balance, strength, and mobility. They are an effective way of burning calories to help you develop more muscle as you shed some weight.

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Today, there are numerous variations of squats that can be done to firm up different combinations of lower body muscles. The most common type is the body weight squat, which is done without any exercise equipment. Other types of squats include:

  • Goblet Squats
  • Plie Squats
  • Single Leg squats
  • Pulse Squats
  • Plyometric Squats
  • Barbell squats

Finding the Squat workout that is best for you

For squats to be effective, they need to be done right. Many think that squats are merely leg muscle exercises, but they actually work on almost every other group of body muscles. The most effective form of strength training exercises one can ever do is the squats.

Squats are usually done towards the end of a general body workout. This is because squats are a powerful form of exercise and the body requires adequate time to open up the limbs and joints. Here are 5 tips you can consider to boost your squats.

Prepare mentally for the workout

A squat workout can be very hard, especially if you are doing more than one rep. That is why mental preparation is important to help you do them right until the end of the workout. If your squat workout involves the lifting of weights, then it might be difficult to achieve the intended goal of the workout if you are distracted or are in any kind of pain.

Warm up for your squats

A warm up before any workout can make a major difference in the effectiveness of your workout. Squats are relatively intense and warming up for them is helpful in opening up the joints. A good squat warm up will help you enhance your muscular efficiency, build a strong body and keep you from injuring or tearing your muscles during the workout.

Your warm up routine should consist of a sufficient number of reps and sets. Too much of the warm up can easily exhaust the energy and strength you may need to do the actual workout. On the other hand, an insufficient warm-up will not prepare you well enough for the actual workout.

Do the squats right

Squats are some of the most effective forms of exercise one can ever do. However, doing them wrong can be just as ineffective as not doing them at all. It is also possible to get an injury like a muscle tear if the squats are not done the right way. Good squat exercises should have a great impact on your muscles. Here are the steps to follow in order to do an ordinary bodyweight squat workout the right way:

  • Always begin with a warm up
  • Stand astride with your knees directly above your feet
  • Ensure that your back is in a comfortable position with the legs right above your feet
  • Bend your knees steadily and lower your yourself to a 90-angle
  • Push yourself upwards to the original position and repeat the process.

Roman Chair Squats

Roman chair exercises can be of great help if you are having challenges with getting lower during your squats. A roman chair squat focuses on working the quad muscles for better stamina and strength.

A roman chair is a piece of exercise equipment with pads that cushion the groin and hook the feet for support when exercising.  The adjustability of the roman chair enables the exercising of the glutes, core, and erector spinal muscles. A proper roman chair should be firm enough to allow you to stretch out adequately.

Do squat exercises regularly

Neuromuscular efficiency is improved efficiently through regular squat workouts of varying intensities. The rate at which speed and weight sessions can be alternated for a holistic effect.

The results of a good squat workout

If you are looking to shed off some extra weight or just build your overall stamina, then squats should definitely be part of your exercise routine. When done well, they can make your knees more stable while giving strength to the connecting tissues.

Cardiovascular exercises can be well complemented by the strength training offered by squats workouts. Routines like the roman chair exercises can stretch your muscles a little further to boost your squats.


Squats are one of the best ways to improve the stamina and mobility of both the upper and lower body. Squats work almost every muscle in the body and are a common workout in most routines. The occurrence of injuries to muscles is significantly reduced with regular squat workouts. There are numerous ways to boost squats.

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