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Can marathoners be good crossfitters ? First steps

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jun 25, 2014 2:29:00 AM

Can marathoners be good crossfitters ? First steps


The Research


I started out consuming all of the different crossfit videos you can find on youtube. If you don´t know Rich Froning yet, you will after your first hour of crossfit madness. The streams of the different crossfit games are a good way to start. You can also check out the videos of Mikko Salo, if you want your experience to be a bit more european than american. Finally i found the article the 6 most insane WODs. Wod is the abbreviation for "workout of the day". 


Can marathoners be good crossfitters?



I can´t...


My first impression was that all of these workouts are insane and I can´t even do one of them. If i try to do a double under it looks more like a middle age christian chastising himself than Muhammad Ali giving his "I am the greatest" speech skipping away in the gym. Handstand push-ups ? You are joking, right ? I can do a headstand, which hurts my skull and makes me dizzy rather than muscly. King Kong ? Yeah great, lets get out the popcorn and enjoy the badly made remake of it with Jack Black in it. When i hear Fran, I am thinking of Fran Drescher trying to get the rich guy and the murph somehow sends my brain thinking of Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique in X Men. 


I will...


After the first impression i decided to give it a shot. I just took the six workouts and put them into my weekly training routine in the evenings which meant that I had to adjust my running plan and move my runs for the marathon preparation mainly to the morning. Wherever there is a muscle up on the programs I supplement it with a pull up, until I can do them. All handstand push ups are supplemented with the progression from convict conditioning and currently I am doing frogstands as long as possible when this element needs to be done. 


The goal (i hate burpees)


My personal goal is to be able to do all of the elements of the workouts by end of this year. My biggest challenge will be the handstand push up and muscle up. Once these are mastered, I want to reach the different challenge times for the workouts by end of next year:

  1. Filthy 50 time of 25 minutes
  2. Murph time of 40 minutes
  3. Ryan time of 25 minutes
  4. The seven in 20 minutes
  5. King Kong in 5 minutes
  6. Fran time of 5 minutes


First steps


On 24.06.2014 i clocked my first Ryan time at 12:30 doing pull ups instead of muscle ups. By now I have completed some murphs, which I thought I would be incapable of doing, but i did the 100 pull ups without killing myself. I still have to clock a time for it. Same goes for filthy 50 and the seven. The only workout I can´t complete yet even with minor adjustments is King Kong. The deadlift is just too heavy for me. In paralell I am still training for the marathon and guess what: My daily run in maynooth becomes a "run faster" event all around.


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