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A selection of YouTube Channels for lifters

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jun 1, 2015 11:19:00 AM



A selection of Youtube channels for lifters

The following Youtube channels are majorly focused on powerlifting, except the Roguefitness channel which is a brand channel promoting rogue athletes and products. Good resource for starting out and get a bit of motivation to push you to your next personal record on the deadlift, squat and bench press.

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Candito HQ Training

Candito HQ training has a multitude of videos to all kinds of topics around powerlifting. What I like about this channel is that candito is an athlete, not a huge monster eating all day long. He dunks, runs and, for his young age, I personally find he is discussing the topics of weightlifting with a bit of sarcasm and a lot of maturity. 
The annoying bit about this channel is that this man lifts tons and makes you feel like a whimp when you watch him. It will be made up to you though by the fact, that he also competes with his dad and is visiting other lifters all over the US. The videos themselves are not high end productions and have a feel of home to it, which you may like or not. 
You get what is on the tin, pure strength, no bullshit.

Brandon Campbell

I personally like Brandon Campbell's because for my tastes he is a bit more mature than other youtubers interms of that he has a feyonce, a job, which he mentions from time to time and a dog. I can really identify with that, as this reflects my own life (I also have a stepdaughter and stepson + two cats, but never mind). The videos are a bit more high end productions than the Candito HQ ones, but you can also clearly sense, that this channel is more geared towards making money.
Brandon Campbell even gives advise on how to make money out of YouTube. This leads to a lot of product placement in his videos, which sometimes is blatantly obvious and annoying. If you can live with that, this is a great channel to show you how well a middle aged man can perform in lifting, as he does very good compared to the younger folks he has over from time to time in his gym.
The most annoying bit about this channel are Brandon's ongoing sex and penis references. Come on man you are not twelve anymore and you can lift a lot, no need for that immature stuff (except of course it keeps your teenage subscribers happy, am I right ;)).


If you are into big, pumped up guys with limited mobility who can lift a busload, this is the channel for you. You will get tips from the big guns and world record holders in benching, squatting and deadlifting. This is not for people who want to stay athletic, this is the channel for beast mode. 

Mark Bell, who you can also see in some of the rogue demonstration videos, is hosting the show together silent mike, who is more out of the crossfit camp as it seems. There is very good advise on this channel for aspiring powerlifters and the main product they are selling is sling shot. Sling shot is a gimmick which will help you bench press more without getting fatigued. Check it out on his channel.

There also seem to be applications for squatting and deadlifting for the sling shot, which for my tastes look a bit hideous. I have never tried the product myself, so I still would be a bad judge of its usefullness until I had a trial run.

The benefit for bench pressing is pretty apparent to me anyways.


 I like the roguefitness channel is the videos are very well made and they cover products, athletes and the Arnold strongman classics. These videos are mainly inspiring and beautiful to look at. For education purposes around lifting this channel is limited except when you are currently in the market for stocking up on some barbells, weight plates, racks or similar.

Still keep up to date with the latest product and so far I was very happy with everything I#ve ordered from Rogue. They could stock up in Europe though as the inventory is limited there compared to what is available in the Us of America. But hey, they are proud to be from Ohio, good for them!


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