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REP fitness 4-Post sled vs Rogue S25 fatboy sled

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jul 7, 2021 9:00:00 AM

REP fitness 4-Post sled vs Rogue S25 fatboy sled

This is a comparison between the Rep fitness 4-Post sled and the Rogue S25 fatboy sled including pros, cons, and alternatives. Follow the links for more information.

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Overview and review of the Rogue S25 fatboy sled

This is an overview of the S25 Fatboy sled including pros, cons, and alternatives. This was originally posted in Which sled to get from Rogue.

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Overview of the S25 Fat boy sled

Price $120
The Rogue S25 fat boy sled was one of the first Sleds out of the Rogue portfolio. Inspired by military designs for entrenching it was upgraded from the S35 to provide more surface for your plates. Overall it is basically a metal plate that you can stack plates on with folded metal to each side to get mud and other debris away from the main body. The full specifications of this sled are:
  • Made in the USA
  • Footprint: 21.5" x 16"
  • 0.25" Bent Steel Plate Rails to protect your plates
  • 16.625" Fold-Flat Weight Post can stack steel plates or bumpers
  • Black Powdercoat Finish
  • Laser-Cut Rogue branding
  • Includes 16' Rogue Sled Strap
  • 16' Spud Inc. 3" Strap available to add to order (extra cost)
This is the small version to take anywhere.

Pros of the S25 Fat boy sled

The pros of the S25 Fatboy sled are:
  • Compact design
  • Low price
  • Easy setup
This is a simple tool that does not make you think too much. In strength training, that is a good thing. You can take it anywhere without too much hassle and all do not break the bank for buying one. 

Cons of the S 25 Fat boy sled

The cons of the S25 fatboy sled are:
  • No uprights for pushing
  • Only one end with a carabiner hole 
  • Can flip over when loaded light
The fat boy comes with no uprights to push the sled itself. This means it can only be used for pulling motions together with a strap. Sometimes it can be good just to ram yourself into the uprights and get going, rather than having to get into the harness first. 
For turning the Fatboy S25 also only has one hole for the carabiner to go in. With lightweight this means a high likelihood of tipping when you turn at speed. With heavyweights you will have to struggle to turn around, rather than just clipping the carabiner on the other side. 

Alternatives to the Fat boy S25

Alternatives to the Fatboy S25 are:
The S35 sled is smaller version of the S25 and is otherwise the same. If you want a really small sled to be taken anywhere,this can be it.
The spud inc magic carpet is an alternative to the S35 which will not damage your floor as much. Instead of metal, this sled is made of the same material most straps are made of. This way it avoids the scratching that metal can cause on some grounds. The downside is that it is way easier to move the weight. There is a reason why good movers always bring old carpets with them to move heavy objects. 

Conclusion for the S25 fat boy sled 

The S25 is a good option if you see yourself regularly going on a small car to train with a sled somewhere nearby. If that is not the case, I personally think that the Rogue slice sled is a better investment. For a minimum amount of more money you get a sled that is still compact, but also can be pushed rather than just pulled. 

Overview and review of the REP fitness 4-Post sled

This is an overview of the REP fitness 4-Post sled including pros, cons, and alternatives. The original was published under which rep fitness strength equipment to buy. Follow the links for more details.


REP Push Sled $149

The REP push sled is the right tool in your box for your simulating pushing big loads. The design is optimized to have a big load of plates in the frame that than need to be pushed for a certain distance. This sled should not be used for sprints of any kind as it is not great for drag scenarios based on its triangular shape. The dimensions of this sled are:
  • 42" high
  • 40" long
  • 38" wide
  • 75 lbs
Great budget option to have a heavy sled in your arsenal.

Pros of the REP Push Sled

The pros of the rep push sled are:
  • Price
  • Big bulky design
  • Does what it says in the tin
This is a great sled for heavy pushes for big men and women who want to work on their explosiveness. With a price tag of $149 there is not a lot kid bad things you can say about it, if you really have the need for one.

Cons of the REP Push Sled

The cons of the rep push sled are:
  • Hard to store
  • Single purpose use
  • Feet design
This is a bulky piece of equipment which will be hard to stow away once you do not use it anymore. Combined with the fact that most average joes will not need the weight capacity that this sled takes you are better off getting the 4 post sled instead.
The feet of this sled are also not as well designed as the ones of the competition from Rogue. Some might like the extra resistance this provides, but you will eat away at the substance of this sled very quickly if you use it on concrete instead of grass.

Alternatives to the REP Push Sled

Alternatives to the REP push sled are:
If you know that you will use a sled often and mainly for explosive sprints and conditioning then I think the REP 4 post sled or Rogue dogsled are the better options for you. You have a lot more possibilities of using different attachments and pushing and pulling. The only sacrifice you will be making is that this type of sled will it take as much weight as the push sled based in its design.
If you are getting a sled for max load pushes or because you are a football lineman then the Rogue butcher is the Ferrari among the heavy-duty sleds for you. The biggest difference to the REP slush sled is the price and the design of the feet.
The TITAN heavy duty sled is TITAN’s version of a max load push sled. If you like the lower price points if TITAN or if they have stock when REP does not and you are in a hurry, than this is a valid alternative. Just be aware that TITAN tends to have more quality issues than Rogue and REP.

Conclusion for the REP Push Sled

It does what it says on the tin for a good price. If you use it on grass and have the plates to max it out, then this is a good option. If you weigh under 100kg and only use your sled for conditioning get a 4 post sled instead.

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