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Rogue Strongman sandbag vs Rogue sandbags

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Sep 20, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Rogue Strongman sandbag vs Rogue sandbags

This is a comparison between the Rogue strongman sandbag and the rogue sandbags including pros, cons, and alternatives. It was published first under which rogue sandbag to get. Follow the links for more details.

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Overview and review of the Rogue sandbags

This is an overview of the Rogue sandbags including pros, cons, and alternatives. It was published first under which rogue sandbag to get. Follow the links for more details.


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Overview of the Rogue sandbags

Price: $100 - $200
The Rogue training sandbags can be loaded from 16lb to 220lb depending on which configuration you get and whether you fill them with rubber or sand. These bags are meant to be carried over the shoulder or by hand. because f the handles and sturdy design they leave you with many options for conditioning and strongman training alike. As they can be filled and emptied using the filler bags it they are also more modular and faster to adjust than the strongman bags. The full specifications are:
  • Made in Columbus, OH, USA
  • 1000D MIL spec Cordura brand nylon construction
  • 7 exterior High-Strength Handles
  • Double-stitched, reinforced seams
  • Heavy-duty zipper and reinforced Velcro flap closure
  • Velcro is sewn into interior walls to align with and stabilize Funnel Filler Bag
  • Color: Army Green
  • Rogue Branding and “Made in the USA” tag
  • Size Options: S (40LB), M (80LB), L (160LB), XL (220LB)
These are solid bags for conditioning in military-style training or just any conditioning. They are easy to adjust and handle and do not intimidate any first tie user. 

Pros of the Rogue sandbags 

The pros of the Rogue sandbags are:
  • Very versatile
  • Easy to change the load out
  • Good shape and handle for easy carry
These are the right sandbags to get if you want to load your conditioning training in terrain. With the different filler bags, you can also quickly change from a light to a heavy bag without having multiple bags around. This makes it a great option for single users who want to preconfigure things and swap and change. 

Cons of the Rogue sandbags 

The cons of the Rogue sandbags are:
  • too easy to handle 
  • Modular design can be confusing
  • Pricing
As with many modular purchases from Rogue, the devil is in the detail and you can quickly overspend. While it is great to have different filler bag options that you can just prepare and swap out, I recommend going easy on your first purchase and try things out, before you go all guns blazing. Especially if you are intending to buy in bulk. These bags are also not great for strongman training. The weights you have to handle in the competition are usually awkward to grip and weirdly shaped. These bags tick neither of these boxes.

Alternatives to the Rogue sandbags 

Alternatives to the rogue sandbags are:
If your main goal is to load your conditioning workouts than the Tactec plate carrier might be an option. Especially for runs and rogue echo bike cycles, you might get a similar effect with less fuss. It will not simulate having to carry on extra load in your hand or on your bag, but if more resistance is all you need, the tactec plate carrier has many options while still keeping you mobile. The only downside is that it will not load up to 220lbs. 
The Rogue strongman sandbag is a good alternative when you are more looking into strongman training. These bags have no handles and are shaped similarly to atlas stones. This makes them a bad choice to carry for long distances, but great to train grip strength and coordination for picking up heavy things which not have been built to be picked up. Additionally the loading system on these bags a little more straight forward than the modular sandbags
A simpler and cheaper option than the Rogue sandbag is the Rogue feed sack. Available in a 50lb and 100lb version when filled with sand these sacks can be easily carried for distance on your back. They are not as modular as the sandbag but simpler to use and sturdier.

Conclusion for the Rogue sandbags 

The rogue sandbag is a great option for an individual who works out with sandbags a lot and wants easy adjustments in weight for their training. Especially if you have to simulate a lot of military-style carries, this bag is versatile and easy to use. If you own a commercial gym or home gym and do not want to change the weights around as often, the feed sack is probably the easier option with very similar effects. 

Overview and review of the Rogue Strongman sandbag

This is an overview of the Rogue Strongman sandbag including pros, cons, and alternatives. It was published first under which rogue sandbag to get. Follow the links for more details.


Overview of the strongman sandbag

Price: $85-$155 
The strongman sandbag from Rogue is at the core of their portfolio of bags. They are available from 100lb to 400lb sizes when filled with play sand. The filling mechanics covered up by a Velcro flap and closed by a zipper work. It is a thorough sandbag than simulates an atlas stone in the best possible way without being a stone. You can also get these bags in different colors. The full specifications are: 
  • Made in the USA
  • 1000D MIL Spec US Cordura construction
  • Filler Capacity (6 Sizes): 100LB, 150LB, 200LB, 250LB, 300LB, 400LB
  • Built-In Filler Bag
  • Zipper and Hook-and-Loop Closure
  • (Filler Material Not Included)
  • Color: Black with White Rogue logo on flap
  • Recommended use on rubber or nonabrasive surface
This is a great addition to any home or professional gym for conditioning and strength training.

Pros of the strongman sandbag

The pros of the strongman sandbag are: 
  • Easy to fill and empty 
  • Sturdy built 
  • Heavy load 
The mechanics of this bag are well thought through. It is easy to fill and empty them as long as you have the material to fill them with. They are also built from military-grade fabric which makes them last. With the strongman sandbag from Rogue, you can also go up to very heavy loads to simulate strongman training. 

Cons of the strongman sandbag

The cons of the strongman sandbag are: 
  • Cumbersome to change weight 
  • Price 
  • Not great for slams 
If you want to change the load intra-workout quick, then the rogue strongman sandbag is not for you. Adding or removing material can not be done fast. It is great for transporting and storage, but not for changing weight in a workout. If you are after smaller weights to slam then some slam balls might be better and cheaper to get. 

Alternatives to the strongman sandbag 

Alternatives to the strongman sandbag are: 
The MK d balls are heavy slam balls that go up to 150lb. The trick with these is that they stay the same size even though they get heavier. They can also be used as slam balls. While the heavier ones are expensive, two of the smaller ones might be a better option for variety and slams than one strongman sandbag. 
The rubber atlas stones are Rogue’s adaptation of the classic to commercial and home gym scenarios. They are made of an iron core surrounded by rubber. They come in 50lb to 200lb. With the rubber design, the injury risk and damage to the floor when using them is a lot lower. 
The cyclone sandbags are a great alternative for beginners. They are easier to move because if their shape and range from 100lb to 250lb when filled with sand. The only downside is that they are not great for ground to shoulder lifts because of their shape. 

Conclusion for the strongman sandbag

The rogue strongman sandbag is probably the most versatile in the Rogue line up. It is also the only one you can get in different colors. Good buy when you are starting with strongman training. 

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