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REP pull sled vs Rogue slice sled

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jul 8, 2021 9:00:00 AM

REP pull sled vs Rogue slice sled

This is a comparison between the Rep fitness pull sled and the Rogue slice sled the including pros, cons, and alternatives. Follow the links for more information.

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Overview and review of the Rogue Slice sled

This is an overview of the Rogue Slice sled including pros, cons, and alternatives. This was originally posted in Which sled to get from Rogue.

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Overview of the Rogue slice sled

Price $175
The rogue slice sled is the smallest sled from Rogue that you can still push via its uprights. The arrow style design makes it a bit easier to push than either sled from Rogue. The unique feature of this sled is that you can fold down the plate pin in the middle for easy storage. This sled can be compacted down so much that you can easily fit it into your car. The full specifications are:
  • Made in the USA
  • Dimensions: 27.5" length x 22.75" width x 37.25" (with handles) Height
  • Fold-Flat Weight Post: 14” loadable length (must be bolted to sled using 1/2” hardware)
  • 0.25" thick Laser-cut and formed steel construction
  • (1) 16' Sled Strap and (1) Carabiner included standard
  • Laser-cut Rogue branding on each side of unit
  • Texture Black powder coat finish
This is a great mini sled that can fit in any corner.

Pros of the Rogue slice sled

The pros of the Rogue slice sled are:
  • Compact design
  • Combination of big and small sleds from Rogue
  • Low price

This is the smallest rogue sled that you can still push with two uprights. Rogue has combined the designs from their Dogsleds and mini sleds to create this compact product at the lower range of their sled arsenal.


Cons of the Rogue slice sled

Cons of the Rogue slice sled are:
  • Lower versatility compared to Dogsled 1.2 
  • Lower load capacity compared to butcher V2 
Compared to the Dogsled 1.2 you have fewer options for attachments and variety in training, but gain a lower purchase price for the slice sled. Compared to the butcher the slice sled can not take as much load.

Alternatives to the Rogue slice sled

Alternatives to the Rogue slice sled are:
If you go a little upmarket you can get the Dogsled 1.2 with a lot more options to fit your individual training needs or just having a bit more fun. Especially if the purchase for yourself and this is the only sled you are likely to ever get, go for the Dogsled 1.2 instead and pick some attachments you will actually use rather than all of them.
The Rogue butcher V2 is the better option for anyone who wants to get the maximum load possible on their slide. In all fairness to most mere mortals that does not apply as they will not push around 1000lbs. Still, if you are in that market, the slice sled is not the right option for you. 
Roughly in the same price category is the Rogue Echo dogsled. While the frame is sturdier as the plate pin can not be flipped, I would still go for the slice sled instead. As you are already wanting to save money looking at this option, you can also go with the model that can be stored easier behind a locker or similar. 

Conclusion for the Rogue slice sled

The rogue slice sled is the most attractive sled from Rogue in the lower price ranges. It easy to store, still comes with uprights, does not cost too much and can load up to 300lbs. I personally think the smaller sleds are a bit pointless and otherwise, you will have to use a bit more money. 

REP PUll sled review

Overview and review of the REP pull sled

This is an overview of the REP fitness Pull sled including pros, cons, and alternatives. The original was published under which rep fitness strength equipment to buy. Follow the links for more details.

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REP Pull sled $83.99

The Rep pull sled is a great beginner sled as it does not cost a lot and is very portable. The best thing about this sled is that you can collapse the upright that holds the plates to make it very small. This means you can get it into the back of your car with some plates to work out at a nice place somewhere outdoors. The other sleds from REP or Rogue are not really built for that purpose. In return, it is not a very versatile sled and does not take a lot of weight. Also be mindful in your budget that you might want to buy a harness with this to use it properly. The full list of specifications for this sled is:
  • 23" long x 15.5" wide x 18" tall (with post up).
  • 16" loadable length on weight post.
  • 29 lbs.
  • Compatible with 2" Olympic iron or bumper plates.
  • Carabiner and dual loop straps included.
A great sled for any time anywhere exercises if you do not have space in your home gym to go crazy with your sled.

Pros of the REP Pull sled

The pros of the REP PUll sled are:
  • Compact design
  • Low price point
  • Robust build
Small and reliable so you can not really say a lot of bad things about it. It is a great little helper to bring your conditioning to the next level if you are already used to training outdoors and have your spots picked.

Cons of the REP Pull sled

The cons of the REP pull sled are:
  • Does not take a lot of weight
  • Only works well with a harness
  • Only works in one direction
This is a great sled for an individual to be mobile. For a team on a pitch, I personally think that the options are too limited and they would be better off getting a beefier sled depending on the training needs. Great for sprint works and juniors. Fully formed athletes might need something a little more challenging.

Alternatives to the REP Pull sled

Alternatives to the rep pull sled are:
If you want to browse further in the REP fitness portfolio then you have the option of the REP 4 post sled and the rep push sled as alternatives to the REP Pull sled. For home gym weekend warriors the 4 post sled is the safest bet as it is most versatile and can be stored away relatively easily. The push sled is the right option for anyone who wants to move a very heavy load on a push. I personally think that in most home gym scenarios the Rogue pull sled is more than enough unless you live on a farm with ample space around you. If you live in a suburban area the 4 post sled might look tempting, but in the end your spouse will tell you that you look like an idiot pushing that thing around the neighborhood.
The Rogue dogsled and butcher are the premium alternatives from Rogue fitness in the sled department. Rogue has done some great work on redesigning the feet of their sleds and also offers you the option of buying a replacement kit very easily. If you go for one of these I highly recommend to add a replacement foot kit on your first purchase so you don't have to wait around when the first one is worn down. The Rogue dogsled 2.0 has been overhauled to make it as versatile as possible. If you want the best in the game in terms of sled's, this is the right address which is also reflected in the price.
TITAN also offers a clone of the rogue dogsled 2.0 which is the TITAN Pro and a clone of the butcher which is the TITAN heavy-duty sled. If you are budget conscious and want to buy in bulk for commercial needs you will probably shop around between REP fitness and TITAN fitness and come to a conclusion based on where you want to place your money for the main items on your order like rack, barbell, and plates.

Conclusion for the REP Pull sled

The REP pull sled is in my opinion the ideal option for the suburban dad with a slight oncoming of midlife crises. The other sleds are too big to be used effectively in a garage or home gym unless you live in Oprah's house or on a farm. The REP pull sled is the option you can throw in the back if your car with two red or blue plates and drive to your favorite spot to give it a couple of rounds. Commercial use or professional teams might want to lean towards the 4 post sled instead as it gives more options depending on the needs of your clients or athletes and you can assume that you will have more space to get the full use out of the sled in your facilities.

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