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Rogue Fractional plates vs change plates

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jul 7, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Rogue Fractional plates vs change plates

This is a comparison between the Rogue fractional plate and the change plates including pros, cons and alternatives. Follow the links for more details

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Which plates to get from Rogue?


This video discusses which plates you might want to buy for your home gym from Rogue Fitness. Good options are their bumper plates or simple cast iron plates if you want to save money. I personally own the Black training plates from rogue and like them a lot.


rogue change plates

Overview and review of the Rogue Change plates 


The Rogue change plates will set you back about $280 dollars. These plates are especially good to use for lifter who want to microload. This overview has originally been published in the article "Which rogue plates to buy" which you can find on this blog.


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Most popular Rogue plates

This is an overview of the most popular Rogue plates on in 2020 based on views and click thoughs for purchase on Rogue Fitness. If you want more detail on how the data was collected and what the strengths and shortcomings of the data set are you can dig deeper on what were the most popular rogue products in 2020.

Most popular Rogue plates in 2020

These were the most popular rogue plates on On the plates, I would caution between overall popularity and the popularity of my site. The plates listed below are more niche than the Rogue bumpers, the calibrated steel plates, and competition bumpers. If you want a safe bet for your use case these three might be better, as more people buy them.
The Fleck plates are a variation on the Rogue bumper plates which have been infused with red, blue, yellow, and green to indicate the weight of the plates. The splash of color also makes them more fun compared to the regular bumpers. If you find the rogue bumpers too bland but also do not want to shell out more than $1000 on calibrated steel plates or competition bumpers to get color coding then the Fleck plates are for you. You can read the full review of the Fleck plates via this link.
The Rogue Urethane plates are color-coded and also claim the best durability in the Rogue plate portfolio. Whether that warrants the high price tag compared to regular bumpers is a question you have to answer for yourself, but I personally don’t think so. If you want to spend more money on plates, spend it on precision rather than durability in my personal opinion within the Rogue portfolio. Rogue equipment is known to be more durable than the competition so I would not put too much focus on this unless you run an Olympic training center where the plates will go through hundreds of heavy drops per day. You can read the full review of the Rogue Urethane plates here.
The Rogue black training plates have the best dead drop in the Rogue portfolio which means they bounce the least when dropped from overhead. These are the plates which I use most often as I like the design because black does not show marks as easily as other plates. You can read my full review of the Rogue black training plates via this link.
The 6 shooter plates from Rogue are often overlooked as a good option for commercial gyms. They are relatively cheap compared to other Rogue plates and easier to handle in a gym setting where you have a lot of them flying about. The downside is that you can not use them for overhead drops as this will wreck the plates, floor, and barbell in the process. You can read the full review of the rogue 6 shooter plates via this link.


Overview of the change plates

Change plates are a great addition to your gym to push your athletes or yourself for the next PR. They come in small increments to provide for maximum flexibility when going up in weight and establishing new PRs. The available options are:
Weight / Color / Diameter / Thickness / Price per pair
  • 0.5KG (White): 135MM diameter / 12.5MM thickness / $26.25
  • 1.0KG (Green): 160MM / 15MM / $31.50
  • 1.5KG (Yellow): 175MM / 18MM / $36.75
  • 2.0KG (Blue): 190MM / 19MM / $42.00
  • 2.5KG (Red): 210MM / 19MM / $47.25
  • 5.0KG (White): 230MM / 26MM $95.00

Pros of the change plates

More options for you to push for your limits and a cool design.

Cons of the change plates

Easily lost or stolen because they are so small.

Overview and review of Rogue fractional plates

The Rogue fractional plates will set you back about $33 dollars. These plates are especially good to use for lifters who want to microload. This overview has originally been published in the article "Which rogue plates to buy" which you can find on this blog.

Overview of the fractional plates

Rogue Fractional plates come in pairs of 0.125kg and 0.250kg. They are a helpful tool for the most advanced athletes to steadily increase the weight being lifted. They can also be used on beginning athletes or anyone who is facing a plateau. These plates allow you to increase the weight on the bar in increments which are smaller than 2.5kg and therefore provide more options for your training.

Pros of the fractional plates

Fractional plates are a great tool when you know how to use them. For programs like Jim Wendler, you want to use them as they break down the weight increments very finely. 

Cons of the fractional plates

These plates get easily lost or stolen. Also most people in your gym will not know how to use them probably and scatter them all over the place as they are so small.

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